Bird photography by Dave Martin.



    Hello and welcome to my website. 


 This is a photo of me in Crwbin, South Wales, taken by my step daughter and very talented  photographer  Irene Smith. So if you see me out and about please say hello, it would be great to put  some faces to the names I see on the internet!

 My name is David Martin and I have been a very keen birdwatcher for as long as I can remember, my
  parents gave me my very first bird book in 1974 for my 11th birthday, I still have this book, amongst

  others today!

  I have only very recently started to take photographs of the birds I see. In 2008 whilst on a very quiet

  fishing trip in France I took some photos of the local birds just to keep myself from going mad. From
  that moment on I was completely hooked, pardon the pun, and now I am out with my camera as often
  as work and my dear wife will allow!

  Looking back on those first photos, (which I thought were brilliant at the time) I can now see through
  experience and many mistakes, (the beauty of digital is you can delete the mistakes and try again) how
  much my images have improved.

  Most of my knowledge has come from reading books on bird photography and from the tips and
  tutorials from other bird photographers websites. 

  I use Canon equipment for no other reason than I have always had Canon cameras.

  This is what I am using at present:

  • EOS 1Dx
  • EF 600mm II F4.
  • 24-105mm F4.
  • Gitzo tripod.
  • Wimberley Gimbal Head MK II.
  • 1.4 Converter III.
  • 2.0 Converter III.
  • SanDisk Memory cards.

All images and content Copyright Dave Martin 2008 Onwards. All rights reserved.

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